‘Shameless’ Global Times told CDS Bipin Rawat anti-China, said- many flaws in Indian Army


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  • Chinese state media Global Times spews venom on the death of CDS General Rawat
  • Global Times termed the helicopter accident as a human error, said – shortage in Indian Army
  • Communist Party’s official Bhopu called CDS General Rawat anti-China

China’s state-run media Global Times has started brazen rhetoric on the death of India’s first Chief of Staff (CDS) General Bipin Rawat. Global Times has termed the incident of CDS General Rawat’s helicopter crash as flaws of the Indian Army. Not only this, this official leader of the Communist Party of China has called General Rawat as anti-China. Global Times has said that his death has dealt a major blow to the modernization of the Indian Army.

Chinese newspaper linked the accident to military discipline
Global Times spewing venom, writing that the death of India’s defense chief in a helicopter crash on Wednesday not only exposed the Indian Army’s lack of discipline and combat preparedness, but also dealt a heavy blow to the country’s military modernization. The newspaper quoted analysts as saying that despite the departure of the top anti-China defense official, India’s aggressive stance towards China in the border areas of the two countries is unlikely to change.

The helicopter was the victim of an accident near Coonoor on Wednesday
A Mi-17V5 helicopter of the Indian Air Force crashed near Coonoor in South India on Wednesday. Apart from CDS General Rawat, his wife and 11 other army officers and soldiers were in this helicopter. 13 people died in this accident, while the only survivor Group Captain Varun Singh is undergoing treatment at the Army Command Hospital.

Global Times called the accident a human error
The Global Times, citing analysts, claimed that all possible causes of the crash point to human factors rather than the Russian-origin helicopter. The paper argued that the Mi-17 series helicopters are widely used by other countries. Beijing-based military expert Wei Dongxu told the Global Times on Thursday that the Mi-17V5 is an improved version of the Mi-17. It is equipped with a more powerful engine and advanced electronic components, which makes it more reliable.

Said – there will be a problem of logistic support and maintenance
Wei Dongxu also said that however, the Indian Army operates several types of helicopters, including domestically developed helicopters, helicopters made in India through transfer of technology from other countries, helicopters procured from the US and Russia. Due to this, there will be a problem of logistic support and maintenance in the helicopter.

Chinese government boss made false allegations against the Indian army
The Global Times, citing an unknown defense expert, tried to attribute the loose and undisciplined military culture of the Chinese military to India. Global Times claimed that Indian soldiers often do not follow standard operating procedures and rules. Whereas, the truth is that the Chinese soldiers themselves do not follow the rules. Even the government of his country has been keeping international rules and laws at bay, so what can be expected from the Chinese army.


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