Sharia law in Pakistan: Will Sharia law apply in Islamabad? Pakistani Maulana claims for AK-47 in front of police


The worst effect of the Taliban’s victory in Afghanistan is visible on Pakistan. The fundamentalist Maulana of Pakistan is now demanding the implementation of Islamic Sharia law in his country as well. When Pakistani police arrived to take down the Taliban flag at Jamia Hafsa, Islamabad’s most infamous madrassa, they faced protests from Maulana Abdul Aziz and students. At the same time, Maulana claimed that the Islamabad administration has accepted the demand to implement Sharia.

Police protest against the arrival of Taliban flag
According to a report in Pakistan’s The Friday Times, when Islamabad police reached the Jamia Hafsa building to take down Taliban flags, it faced heavy protests. Maulana Abdul Aziz himself stood in front of the police. After which the police team returned without taking down the flags. In a video going viral on social media, Abdul Aziz is seen thrashing the policemen.

Maulana threatened Pak Taliban
In the viral video, Maulana Abdul Aziz is seen arguing with policemen inside Jamia Hafsa. He even advised the policemen to quit their jobs. Maulana threatened that Pakistan Taliban will teach a lesson to all of you. A large number of burqa-clad students of the madrassa were present on the terrace to prevent the police from removing the Taliban flags.

Students instigated to arrest themselves
Abdul Aziz also challenged him to come forward and arrest him and his students, but the police kept silent. According to sources, on the orders of Abdul Aziz, the students of the madrasa had hoisted the Afghan Taliban flags on the terrace of Jamia Hafsa on Friday night. A police team, including women police officers, reached Jamia Hafsa on Saturday morning to remove the flag, but had to return empty-handed after Abdul Aziz and his students strongly opposed the action.

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demanded the implementation of Sharia
Even before this, Abdul Aziz had hoisted Taliban flags at Jamia Hafsa. After which the police removed these flags. Abdul Aziz then said that he had put up flags to congratulate the Afghan Taliban. Meanwhile, Abdul Aziz’s spokesman said that the Assistant Commissioner of Islamabad and a senior officer of Islamabad Police had talks with Abdul Aziz at Jamia Hafsa and they put forward their demands to him. The main issue in this was the implementation of Sharia.

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Maulana claims – Administration ready to implement Sharia
In an audio message, Abdul Aziz claimed that the administration has accepted all their demands and sought three days’ time to fulfill them. According to the audio clip, their demands include lifting the ban imposed on them and reopening of Jamia Hafsa Masjid at H-11. Our main objective is to implement Shariat, he said.

Pakistani Maulana

Pakistani Maulana threatening the police


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