Space creatures can attack Earth! Negligence in security should not be costly


The hitherto hypothetical concept of ‘external creatures’ invading Earth may soon become a reality. In the absence of appropriate biosafety measures, scientists have warned in a new study. This is because the space industry is likely to be at greater risk from future biosecurity hazards and these biological hazards could be harmful to living organisms, according to researchers from the University of Adelaide.

In a new study published in Bioscience, researchers have highlighted the importance of biosecurity measures. It also called for greater recognition of potential biosecurity risks faced by the space industry. He said that in the absence of better biosecurity measures, people going to space can bring extraterrestrial organisms back to Earth. Space biosecurity refers to the biological hazards faced by people on Earth due to space exploration.
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Humans brought creatures to remote areas
The movement of organisms from Earth to space or the arrival of organisms from space to Earth is related to Space Biosecurity. Research suggests that at present the risk of survival in foreign travel is extremely low, but it is not impossible. This research provides evidence of how humans have spread organisms far and wide in remote areas of the earth and ocean, and even in space.

Suggestions given to deal with biological hazards
The authors suggest an emerging field of ‘invasion science’ to address emerging biological threats from space travel. Despite the importance of space biosecurity, the authors state that invasion biologists have not yet joined the committee on the Space Research Planetary Conservation Plan. Research argues that ‘this should change’.

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