Space Weapons: Panic from China’s missile with nuclear attack from space, why experts said – no need to be afraid


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  • Questions raised on hypersonic missile test that strikes Earth from China’s space
  • British experts said – there is no need to be afraid of this, its effect is very less
  • Deployment of weapons in space is very expensive and limited, gave the example of Soviet Union

China has created a ruckus in the world by testing a hypersonic missile to launch a nuclear attack on Earth from space. Many senior officers of the US Army have also expressed fear about the firepower of this missile. However, China then clarified that it was not a missile but a test of a reusable spacecraft. Now two experts associated with the British University have claimed that this weapon of China is not as powerful as it is being claimed.

China’s test created panic in the world
Last month, The Financial Times reported that China had tested a nuclear-capable hypersonic weapon on a rocket. According to intelligence reports, China also used a ‘hypersonic glide vehicle’ in the second test. It was sent to space in July by China on a Long March rocket. This missile circled the earth and then attacked the designated location at a speed of times greater than the speed of sound. China admits it has conducted a test but claims it is a ‘peaceful’ civilian spacecraft.

US Army Chief scared of China’s ‘Brahmastra’, said – it is not easy to avoid Dragon’s nuclear missile
China did not disturb the balance of nuclear weapons
Bledin Bowen, a lecturer in international relations at the University of Leicester in England, said the test had not yet affected the nuclear weapons balance between the US and China. Bowen, along with his fellow researcher Cameron Hunter from the University of Leicester, has also written a research paper analyzing China’s hypersonic missile test.

navbharat times
Panic: China tests super destructive missile from space, defense system will be useless
Weapons will slow down while moving towards the target.
He wrote that China had tested the Fractional Orbital Bombardment System (FOBS) technology in August. Due to this, the speed of the weapon will be very fast in space, but it will decrease significantly while going towards its target. If this test of China is proved, then it can be considered a violation of the 1967 Treaty on Deployment of Nuclear Weapons in Space.

navbharat timesNow China will be able to drop atomic bomb anywhere from space, know how big a threat to India
That’s why this test of China is dangerous
Through FOBS, warheads (explosives) mounted in a missile can destroy targets in different directions. No missile defense system can track such missiles. Apart from this, it is also not known where these missiles are going to attack. The radar attackers of most missile defense systems locate the target by tracking the path of the missile during its flight. Whereas this Chinese missile will come directly from space. In such a situation, the defense system will have very little time to retaliate.

navbharat timesHow powerful is China’s missiles compared to Agni-5? Know the range and features of the DF-41
Experts cited the example of the Soviet Union
Both these experts pointed out that FOBS in itself is not a game-changing technology. This technology was introduced by the Soviet Union in the 1960s, yet the technology was considered less effective than submarine-launched nuclear missiles and ground-launched missiles. Experts also said that it is still not completely clear what quantities China has got from this test. Deployment of weapons in space is very expensive, in such a situation, even after being successful, China can deploy only a limited number of weapons.

navbharat timesMissiles, nuclear bombers and warships … know how powerful China’s army is, threat to India
America is still more powerful than China
America has nuclear weapons many times more powerful than China. America has more options than China in the matter of nuclear attack. He can carry out nuclear strikes in the blink of an eye in any part of the world through different platforms from water, land, sky. The US Army, Navy and Air Force have many bases all over the world. In such a situation, in case of attack at one place, he can retaliate from another place.


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