Star-making ‘factory’ seen in space, Hubble Telescope captured amazing photo of Prawn Nebula


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  • NASA’s Hubble Telescope captured amazing photos of the Prawn Nebula
  • The Prawn Nebula in deep space is more than 250 light years wide
  • Stars are formed in Prawn Nebula or IC 4628, called – Stellar Nursery

The Hubble Space Telescope has captured an amazing photo of the Prawn Nebula floating in deep space. The Prawn Nebula is formally known as IC 4628. This nebula is located 6,000 light-years away from Earth in the constellation Scorpius. Nebulae, or clouds of interstellar gas and dust, form after the explosions of massive stars. This interstellar material gives life to new stars.

IC 4628 is over 250 light-years wide and is thought to be a giant ‘stellar nursery’ where new stars are forming. Scientists classify it as an emission nebula because its gas has been activated or ionized by radiation from nearby stars. According to a NASA statement, this process produces electrons. This light cannot be seen by the human eye so IC 4628 gives a wonderful sight to the people on earth.
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Picture taken with Wide Field Camera-3
A small portion of the nebula’s vast star-forming region can be seen in a recent Hubble photo. In this, the red cloud of dust and gas shows the emission of ionized iron. This photo was taken as part of a larger initiative to survey massive and intermediate-sized stars using Hubble’s Wide Field Camera-3. They are currently in the early stages of development, also known as protostars.

Hubble does as Weatherman
NASA has said that the Hubble Space Telescope is acting as the weatherman of the solar system. Due to its close monitoring, astronomers have got a lot of information about the changing seasons of other worlds. He is constantly sending pictures despite not being fully active. It told the whole world the presence of new storms on Jupiter. The technical flaws in the Hubble Space Telescope have not yet been completely resolved. Despite this, NASA and the European Space Agency are continuously releasing the pictures taken of the telescope.

hubble photo latest

Photo: NASA


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