Taliban announcement from Kabul airport, message to attackers is America’s defeat


After the return of the last American soldier from Afghanistan, Taliban fighters have taken control of the entire Kabul airport. Taliban leaders are celebrating after a humiliating defeat to superpower America in a war that lasted nearly 20 years. Taliban spokesman Zabiullah Mujahid, who arrived at Kabul airport to take stock of the dawn of ‘independence’, said America’s defeat is a message to other attackers.

Zabiullah said that this is a historic occasion and our country is now an ‘independent and sovereign nation’. He congratulated all Afghan citizens on the victory. The Taliban spokesman also said that we want to build good relations with the whole world including America. We welcome diplomatic relations with all. Zabiullah said that this is a victory for all of us.

‘US could not achieve target through military intervention’
“We no longer doubt that the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan is an independent and sovereign nation,” he said. Zabiullah said that the Americans could not achieve their goal through military intervention. The Taliban spokesman claimed that they would defend freedom and Islamic values. Earlier, Taliban’s Qatar-based spokesman Suhail Shaheen had also called it independence.

Suhail Shaheen tweeted late on Monday night, saying, ‘Tonight at 12 o’clock (Afghan time) the last US soldier returned from Afghanistan. Our country has got complete freedom. Thanks to Allah. Heartfelt thanks to all the countrymen. With this, now the Taliban has complete control over the whole of Afghanistan except the Panjshir Valley.

There was silence on the streets of the capital Kabul

While the Taliban are celebrating across the country, there is silence on the streets of the capital Kabul. According to the report of Al Jazeera, this is a historic victory for the Taliban. The Taliban have always made statements about their fight against foreign forces in Afghanistan and they have been calling it against their sovereignty. It has been said in the report that after the withdrawal of American troops from Afghanistan, now the new rulers of the country will have to answer many questions.


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