Terrible flames will come out of the sun, satellites will be destroyed, the earth will sink in darkness: Scientist


A team of international scientists has warned that while the sun is the source of energy for the life of the earth, it can also become a cause of destruction for us. In a recent research, scientists said that the catastrophic storm emanating from the sun can send humanity back to the dark ages. Due to this, human development that took place in several thousand years will end. This amazing phenomenon has been observed 100 light years away from Earth.

This solar storm looks like a spectacular pyrotechnic and scientists have termed it ‘worrying’. Scientists said in their research that such destructive solar flames can also target the Earth. He said it would burn satellites to ashes and the entire city’s power grid would be ruined. Due to this there will be darkness everywhere in the world and phone networks will stop working.
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Know what is coronal mass ejection
This star has been named EK Draconis, which means dragon. It is spewing fire like a dragon. It is located in the constellation Draco in the northern sky. Coronal mass ejection (CME) is the ejection of plasma particles produced by an explosion in the Sun’s outer atmosphere. This happens frequently and travels very rapidly from one place to another in space.

These solar storms are very bad news for the earth because after every 100 years or so, these storms come towards the earth. Uta Natsu, a researcher at the University of Colorado, USA, who did this research, said that CME can have very serious effects on the earth and human society. The international team doing this research found that EK Draconis is going towards the star’s terrible energy. Also, it is more powerful than the number of solar flames that have been seen so far.

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Earth’s magnetic field protects against solar storms
Experts fear that these destructive flames will hit our earth by the end of this century. Japanese researcher Kosuke Namekata said that the flames hitting the Earth can be equally powerful. Let us tell you that the magnetic field of the Earth protects us from any possible damage caused by these solar storms. According to the US space agency NASA, billions of tons of matter travel at the speed of millions of miles per hour in large CMEs. These particles emanating from the explosion in the sun usually when they hit the earth’s atmosphere, their effect is visible in the form of aurora.

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Scientists warn of catastrophic storms by the end of the century


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