The ‘dictator’ of Belarus asked for a nuclear bomb from Russia, will Putin fulfill his best friend’s demand?


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  • Belarus asks Russia for missile systems capable of carrying out nuclear strikes
  • President Lukashenko talked about deploying the Iskander missile system on the border
  • Russia and Belarus have very bad relations with Poland and Ukraine

Belarus has demanded an atomic bomb from Russia in the midst of an ongoing dispute with Poland. President Alexander Lukashenko said in an interview with Russian media that Belarus wants to buy Russia’s nuclear-capable Iskander missile system. Lukashenko also announced that he plans to deploy these missile systems in the south and west of his country. To the south of Belarus is Ukraine and to the west is Poland. The relations between Russia and Belarus with these two countries are very bad. Lukashenko is accused of rigging the presidential election.

Strong relations between Russia and Belarus
Relations between Russia and Belarus are quite strong. These are often compared to the relationship between the US and the UK. The European Union has accused Belarus of trying to illegally admit thousands of migrants into Poland. After which Poland has also increased the deployment of the army on its border. The European Union, the US and the UK have openly criticized Belarus. Russian President Vladimir Putin has claimed that his country has no role in the dispute.

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Belarus seeking Iskander ballistic missile system
Lukashenko told National Defense Magazine that he needed the Iskander mobile ballistic missile system. The range of this missile system is up to 500 km (311 mi). The Iskander missile is capable of carrying either conventional or nuclear warheads. He said that I need several divisions in the west and south, let them be stationed there.

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Russia declined to respond to the statement
Lukashenko did not say whether he had any talks with Russia to get this missile system. Russia’s Defense Ministry did not immediately respond to a request for comment on the statement. Belarus and Russia are formally part of a ‘federal state’ and have been in talks for years to move forward together. Recently, Russia had openly supported Lukashenko regarding the election rigging.

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How powerful is the Iskander missile system
Russia’s Iskander missile system consists of short-range ballistic missiles. It was commissioned into the Russian Army in 2006. The system is currently commissioned in the Russian Army, the Armenian Army and the Algerian Army. This missile can carry nuclear and non-nuclear warheads from 480 to 700 kg. Its missiles can fly at a speed of Mach 5.9.

Lukashenko Putin

Belarus President Alexander Lukashenko and Putin


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