The discovery of the ‘secret element’ necessary for life on Earth, Oxford scientists got a big success


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  • Discovery of the secret element necessary for life on earth
  • Oxford University scientists describe iron as essential for life
  • Scientists claim – the planet where there is less iron, there is less possibility of life

Scientists at Oxford University in Britain have identified the secret element for life on Earth. Scientists have claimed that iron is an important nutrient that is essential for the growth and flourishing of almost all life on Earth. Iron (Fe) is the most abundant chemical element on Earth by mass alone. He also claimed that it is also the most essential element for life after oxygen.

Iron is the fourth most common element in the Earth’s crust
The Oxford researchers said that iron is also the fourth most common element in the Earth’s crust. He also pointed out that iron is the element that makes up most of the inner and outer core of our Earth. The iron-crust in Earth’s mantle is believed to lie between the outer core and a layer of silicate rock. Due to these elements, our Earth was formed about 4.5 billion years ago from today.

Life on earth because of iron?
According to the Oxford research team, this had a profound effect on the development of life on Earth. Researchers now claim to have discovered a process by which iron helped shape the evolution of complex life forms. All the findings of this research have been published in the science journal PNAS. This could help scientists better understand the possibility of life developing on other planets.

Life expectancy is also reduced due to low iron
John Wade, Associate Professor of Planetary Materials in the Department of Earth Science at Oxford University, said that the initial amount of iron in Earth’s rocks depends on the process of the planet’s formation. During this, the earth’s metallic core separates from the rocky mantle. If there is very little iron in the rocky part of the planet, then the chances of life there will be equally less.

Water remained on the surface due to iron
He also told that in difficult times for the development of life, due to iron, water could remain on the surface of the earth. If iron was not present, water could have disappeared from the surface of the Earth like on Mars. According to the researchers, the position of iron on Earth may have initially helped the planet retain its surface water. Iron is also soluble in ocean water, which means it was readily available to accelerate the development of ordinary life.


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