The dragon is building a village on the Indian border, D Raja said – inspiring achievements of the Chinese Communist Party


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  • People’s Liberation Army of China is showing eyes to India from Ladakh to Arunachal Pradesh
  • Satellite pictures have revealed that China is building its villages in the area adjacent to Arunachal Pradesh
  • Meanwhile, Communist Party of India General Secretary D Raja has praised the Communist Party of China.

On the orders of the ruling Communist Party of China, the People’s Liberation Army of Dragon is showing eyes to India from Ladakh to Arunachal Pradesh. Not only this, satellite pictures have shown that China is building its villages in the area adjacent to Arunachal Pradesh. Thousands of Chinese soldiers and deadly war weapons are stationed on the Indian border. In the midst of a very tense situation with China, Communist Party of India General Secretary D Raja has praised the Communist Party of China and termed its achievements as inspirational.

The Sixth Plenary Session of the 19th Central Committee of the Communist Party of China is now being held in the capital Beijing. It mainly studies the major achievements and historical experience of the Communist Party’s hundred years of struggle. On this occasion, General Secretary of the Communist Party of India, D Raja, in an interview with Chinese news agency Xinhua, said that the great achievements made in the hundred years since the establishment of the Communist Party of China are inspiring.
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‘The Chinese Communist Party has a proud history’
De Raja highly praised the great achievements and contributions made to the world in the hundred years since the founding of the Communist Party of China. His view is that the history of the Chinese Communist Party is ‘a glorious history.’ He said that the Communist Party of China established the People’s Republic of China through a great revolution to the Chinese people, playing a leading role in the country’s building and reform process.

Earlier, a Pentagon report had claimed that China had entered a village about 4.5 km inside the border of Arunachal Pradesh. There are 100 houses in it. This village is situated in Tsari Chu village of Upper Subansiri district of Arunachal Pradesh. On the other hand, Indian sources say that the Pentagon in its report is describing the construction inside the Indian border as a Chinese village, in fact it has been a permanent military camp of the PLA for a long time. This has been confirmed by a senior official of Arunachal Pradesh.

Additional Deputy Commissioner DJ Bora, posted in Upper Subansiri’s Kaduka division, said that when he conducted the survey in 2020, the civil settlement in that disputed area was far away. The area is occupied by the Chinese Army (PLA). Bora said, “We have surveyed a lot of big houses in that area which looked like establishments built for military purposes. I was told that when the Chinese Army (PLA) occupied this area in 1962, they had small posts here.

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Before 1962, that place was the last post of the Indian Army.
Bora said, ‘The mountainous area where the Chinese army has built, used to be the last outpost of the Indian Army till the 1962 war. At that time, the post was called Maja Camp. After the area was declared a disputed area, an existing army camp was built within 4-5 km of Indian territory. The disputed land that China has occupied originally belongs to the Tagin community. In Arunachal Pradesh, full land ownership used to be a privilege for the community, tribe or tribe on most of the land before 2018.

Subsequently, the Arunachal Pradesh (Land Settlement and Records) (Amendment) framed a provision under which the right of ownership of land is given to the people without any other claim. When the symbolic McMahon Line was identified as the boundary between British-ruled India and Tibet in 1914, the land was split in two. As a result the tagines were also divided. In the same way as the Naga community was divided by the geographical boundary of India and Myanmar.
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Rijiju targeted by sharing video of Antony
Law Minister Kiren Rijiju on Sunday hit out at the Congress for citing foreign media reports to question the government’s “credibility” on the India-China border issue. He once again shared a short video of former Defense Minister AK Antony’s comments on China in the Lok Sabha. He tweeted, ‘Dear Congressmen, before speaking on the China border issue, listen to the Defense Minister of the Congress government.’ In a series of tweets, Rijiju claimed that “some malicious media” wrote that China had set up a village within Arunachal Pradesh and then made a brief mention of the area China had occupied in 1959. What is your objective?

Rijiju said that ‘these people’ do not intentionally believe in the Indian Army but use a foreign story to make a misleading headline to question the credibility of our government and the strength of our army with a malicious intent to demoralize the nation. Referenced immediately. In a video clip dated 6 September 2013, former Defense Minister Antony is telling the House that the defense policy of independent India for many years has been that the border should not be developed. An underdeveloped border is more secure than developed borders. The former Defense Minister had also said during this that on the other hand the infrastructure on the China border is improving.


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