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  • European Union recognizes locusts as food
  • In June, the beetle’s yellow mealyworm larvae were approved to be eaten.
  • European Commission said it is safe to eat locusts

The European Union (EU) has included the locust in the list of approved food. This is the second time that the European Union has said that insects are safe as human food. In June this year, the EU authorized the consumption of yellow mealyworm larvae of the beetle. Now an insect named house cricket can also be included in the list of food for humans soon.

locusts can be eaten like this
After the European Commission authorized locusts as human food, it can be eaten as a snack or as a meal. Apart from this, the wings and legs of locusts can be removed and used in dried or frozen form. The commission has also suggested that they can be eaten by making powder.

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European Food Safety Authority also approved
The European Food Safety Authority said adult locusts of the insect species can be used for food without any safety concerns. High protein is found in them. The commission also said that if anyone is allergic to crustaceans, mites and mollusks, they should not consume it. Those people may be allergic by eating it.

Food Agriculture Organization told nutritious
The recognition of locusts as food has been given on the application of Fair Insects BV based in the Netherlands. The firm produces insects named mealworms, locusts and house crickets. These insects are mainly produced for feed for domesticated animals and chickens. The Food Agriculture Organization has identified these insects as a highly nutritious and healthy food source with high fat, protein, vitamin, fiber and mineral content.

navbharat times
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Locust attack damages crops
Every year thousands of acres of crops are destroyed by locust attacks in many countries of the world including India, Pakistan. Desert locust or grasshoppers are in a group when their behavior changes. The locust party can cover a distance of 16-19 kilometers in an hour. If the wind supports you, you can go even farther. An adult locust can eat equal to its own weight (2 grams) daily. There are about 4 crore locusts in a one kilometer locust swarm. She can eat as much in a day as 35 thousand people will eat in a day.

Why do locusts attack?
Locust swarms form after heavy rains in the deserts of Oman. Due to the arrival of cyclone in the Indian Ocean, it has started raining in the desert, due to this also locusts are born. Locusts had entered Rajasthan in India in the middle of April.


Locusts recognized as food


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