The world’s most brutal dictator was afraid of the dentist, Hitler did not go to the doctor even in illness


Some influential people in history worked to change the picture of the world. His life, work and politics influenced not only the present but also the future. This is the reason why these people are remembered even today for good and bad reasons. But what were these people who had the power to change the world afraid of? What was Germany’s ruler Adolf Hitler, whose name is still used in the place of fear and cruelty, after all?

Hitler considered himself the most powerful person in the world but he himself was extremely afraid of the dentist. Hitler’s dental doctor told the Soviet military that Hitler suffered from bad breath and lack of oral hygiene. The reason for this was his phobia. He was very afraid of the dentist’s chair, so he used to avoid going in front of the doctor. Later on, diseases of the mouth surrounded him.
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Hitler used to drink cocaine
Hitler was an animal lover, although before committing suicide, he tested it on his own dog Blondie to test the effects of the poison. This Nazi dictator kept away from smoking, alcohol. Hitler used to drink cocaine. Hitler was deeply in love with a woman named Eva Braun. When Hitler first met Eva, she was 40 years old while Eva was 17 years old. Eva and Hitler were married in Germany on 29 April 1945. This marriage lasted only one day and on 30 April 1945, Eva committed suicide by consuming poison. In the evening of the same day, Hitler also shot himself.

Charles Darwin was afraid of the crowd
Similarly, George Washington was afraid of being buried alive. In fact, the technology was not developed at that time and there were no instruments available to confirm the death of a human. That’s why sometimes people who were not completely dead were also buried. Similarly, Charles Darwin, the scientist who explained the evolution of man, was afraid of the crowd. He made many journeys in his search and eventually overcame his fear.


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