There are not so many soldiers in New Zealand, as many as we have deployed for the players, Sheikh Rashid boasts


There has been an uproar in Pakistan due to the cancellation of New Zealand and England cricket series. In social media, fans are taking a dig at the government of Pakistan and these countries. Meanwhile, the entire army of Pakistani ministers is engaged in rhetoric to reduce public anger. Pakistan’s Interior Minister Sheikh Rashid has even said that he had deployed more troops than New Zealand’s total army to protect the players.

The example given of America and Russia
In an interview, Sheikh Rashid, while defending Pakistan regarding security, gave the example of Russia and America. He said that recently people died in a university in Russia. In America too, people had lost their lives a few days ago. We had deployed more soldiers than the New Zealand army to protect their cricket team.

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Deployed more troops than New Zealand’s army
Sheikh Rashid also said that even if the total troops of the New Zealand Army are combined, the number of our soldiers deployed in security will still be high. He took the old melody and said that if New Zealand were concerned about security, they should have told us in advance.

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Pak Minister openly took India’s name
Pakistan’s Home Minister said that we will find out from where the New Zealand team got the security related email. Earlier, Sheikh Rashid, who was avoiding taking the name of India, has now openly blamed it on India. He said that India has played a negative role on this whole issue.

New Zealand’s PM had expressed the possibility of attack
Sheikh Rashid Ahmed had earlier told that the information about the cancellation of the series was given to Prime Minister Imran Khan, who was on a foreign tour. He then called New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern and assured her that there was no security threat. Sheikh Rashid also pointed out that while replying to Prime Minister Imran Khan, the New Zealand Prime Minister said that there are reports that her country’s team may be attacked once they leave the hotel.

Sheikh Rashid Ahmad

Pakistani Interior Minister Sheikh Rashid Ahmed


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