This dinosaur used to rule the earth 130 million years ago, enemies were afraid of sharp claws like razor


Scientists have got many important information from the fossil of one of the world’s most dangerous dinosaurs, Portelasaurus sosbayanati. According to a new study, this herbivorous dinosaur found on Earth 130 million years ago was the size of a passenger bus. Its razor sharp nails could sever the head of a heavy animal in an instant. Despite having such sharp nails, this dinosaur was a vegetarian.

This dinosaur was 26 feet long
The research team of Spain’s Joume I University said that this dinosaur named Portelasaurus sosbayanati was more than 26 feet long. A deadly nail like a nail had come out from the end of its thumbs, while the five fingers had sharp nails with a razor. Through these nails, this dinosaur used to do all the work of his enemies in a moment. Due to the fear of these nails, any other animal was also afraid to go near this dinosaur.

Used to do all the work of enemies with nails
The author of this study, Dr. Andres Santos-Qubedo, said that this weapon of dinosaurs was most useful when fighting predators. Apart from this, he also used these sharp and sharp nails to cut fruits. Portelasaurus was a member of a specialist group of iguanodons called sosbayanati styrkosteron. This creature roamed 130 million years ago in an area that is now modern Spain.

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used to smell the smell of trees and plants through the nostrils
This dinosaur also had large nostrils in its head, so that it could smell even the smallest of odors. This is the reason why it could easily recognize its pasture even in the dark. It also had a long and heavy tail which it used to wave in the air to balance its 10 feet high body. The weight of this predatory dinosaur was around four tons.

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Many important information found from the jaw bone
Portelasaurus sosbayanati was identified from a jawbone excavated in a prehistoric animal cemetery in Catalonia. This animal is a cousin of herbivorous dinosaur whose remains have been found in modern China and Niger. Dr Santos-Qubedo said it was a large animal with a pointed thumb and enlarged nostrils. Despite this, he ate a plant-based vegetarian diet.


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