Turkish Drones: Turkey tests the world’s first laser-equipped drone, can attack up to half a kilometer away


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  • Turkey successfully tests the world’s first laser-equipped drone
  • The laser fitted in the drone is capable of hitting targets up to a distance of half a kilometer
  • This drone is capable of flying up to a maximum altitude of 3000 meters.

Turkey has successfully tested the world’s first laser-equipped drone. The laser fitted in this drone is capable of hitting targets up to a distance of half a kilometer. Named Eren, this drone has been developed by Turkish defense companies Tubitak and Asisguard. This drone is capable of flying up to a maximum altitude of 3000 meters.

attacked from half a kilometer away
Turkish politician Aykut Erdogadu told Anadolu news agency that during the test 500 [1,600 फीट]Successful shots were fired from distances of 300 and 100 metres. The Arena drone is designed to destroy explosive devices such as bombs and ammunition from a certain distance using laser weapons. He also told that this drone can also be exported in the coming days. Defense expert Abdullah Sifty shared the picture of the drone on Twitter.

Drones are proving to be deadly weapons in small battles
In the past several years, the use of drones in minor regional conflicts has proved its usefulness. Therefore, in today’s era, drones are being seen as the new strategic and effective weapon of the battlefield. Drones were also widely used during the Armenia-Azerbaijan War. Even America and Russia were surprised to see the use and effect of drones in war. After this war, armies around the world are deploying drone army for war against enemies.

Turkey’s dangerous Bayraktar TB-2 drone created panic in the world, America and Russia were also shocked
US-UK also worried about Turkey’s drone technology
Many military officials of the US, Russia and Britain have expressed serious concern about the drones made in Turkey and China. Britain’s Defense Secretary Ben Wallace made a very strong statement about Turkey’s drones in Syria. He then said that Turkish-made drones are changing the global geopolitical situation. Technological advances and global competitors have created cheaper alternatives.

navbharat times
Pakistan’s eyes on Turkey’s killer drone, friendship with China increased India’s tension
Turkish drones famous all over the world
This is the reason why Turkey is now getting many buyers of its drones. Last year Turkey demonstrated its Bayraktar TB2 armed drone to the world. Turkey’s TB-2 is lightly armed compared to the American MQ-9. It can be fitted with four laser-guided missiles. Being radio guided, this drone can be operated in a range of 320 km.


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