US Military Base Under Attack: What Happened at the US Military Base in Iraq? Black smoke rising from inside raised many questions


Plumes of black smoke have been seen rising from the US Camp Victory military base in Iraq. This thick black smoke is seen rising hundreds of feet in the sky. In such a situation, it is feared that there has been no attack or accident on the American military base. This video has been tweeted by Iran’s official newspaper Tehran Times. However, the veracity of this video could not be confirmed by independent sources.

Lebanese channel reporter shot the video
The video was shot by a reporter for Al Mayadeen, a Lebanese-based pan-Arabic satellite TV channel, Sputnik reports. The US Army’s Camp Victory Military Base, located on the outskirts of Baghdad, is also Iraq’s largest military base. Thousands of US Army soldiers are also stationed at this military base. After the assassination of Iran’s General Qasem Soleimani two years ago, several missiles were also fired targeting this base.

Plumes of black smoke seen in the video
The video, shot from a road passing outside the airbase, shows thick black smoke. This smoke is also seen rising to a height of hundreds of meters in the sky. Brown smoke is also seen rising in the midst of black smoke. Due to this it is suspected that brown smoke is coming out of the use of water to extinguish the fire.

Pro-Iran militia took revenge, rockets fired at US troops in Syria
This military base was the headquarters of the US Army
Camp Victory is a large military base located next to Baghdad International Airport. Until 2011, Camp Victory was the headquarters of the US military in Iraq. It was later handed over to the Iraqi government. There have also been several drone and rocket attacks on this base in recent times. However, American air defense systems have foiled the attack every time.

navbharat times
Turkey made a missile-like drone, America is fine but why did Russia worry?
There have been many attacks on Camp Victory in the past.
In June, the Iraqi Prime Minister’s Office reported that an armed group had carried out a drone strike on Camp David. Who was killed in time. In May too, there were rocket attacks on Camp Victory. A month before this, rockets were fired at this US military base. However, there have never been any American casualties in all the attacks so far.


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