Video: 900-year-old amazing sword found under sea by diver in Israel


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  • A 900-year-old sword found at the bottom of the sea in Israel
  • Antiquities Authority Said The Sword Was Discovered By A Diver
  • It is believed that this ancient historical sword belongs to a soldier.

Tel Aviv
A 900-year-old sword has been found from the bottom of the sea in Israel, which contains more than one mysterious archaeological objects. The Israeli Antiquities Authority said a diver had found the sword off the country’s northern coast. It is believed that this historical sword belongs to a soldier who fought the Crusades on Israeli soil.

The authority said that Atlit’s resident Shlomi Katzin was diving off the Carmel coast. During this, he saw this sword at the bottom of the sea. He also made a video of the entire incident. Katjin took this sword to the office of the Northern District of Antiquities. He deposited this sword in the National Treasury Department. It is being told that this sword has been found in a completely safe condition.

sword of a warrior who fought during a crusade
Israeli archeology officials said that this sword is very beautiful and is a rare find in itself. He said that the sword belonged to a warrior who fought during the crusade. Officials said that this sword will be cleaned first and only after studying it will be put on display. It is being told that the blade of this sword is about one meter long.

The fist and handle of this sword are quite special. The port city of Haifa is just a short distance away from where this sword was found. According to experts, it was in a way a refuge for people traveling in the sea. Due to being in the sea for so many years, a lot of things got frozen on the sword. Experts will clean them now.


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