Video: The sight of Diwali in space, watch the amazing show of Northern Lights


Many parts of North America are witnessing amazing views of the Northern Lights these days. Many people have shared its pictures and videos on social media which are winning the hearts of the people. People are saying, ‘Watching the wonderful, Northern Lights show is one of his most special wishes.’ The Northern Lights visible at the North Pole are also called ‘Aurora Borealis’.

The light show appeared on Tuesday and was seen in many parts of the Northwest US and Canada. People in Minnesota, Alaska, Washington, Manitoba and British Columbia saw the green Northern Lights and captured them on their cameras. One Twitter user wrote, ‘I came out of town to take some better pictures of the Northern Lights. OMG, I am very happy.’

Geomagnetic storm light
According to the Space Weather Prediction Center, this view of the Northern Lights was seen due to a geomagnetic storm. The center had said that this light can be seen in high areas such as Canada and Alaska. The Northern Lights are a type of sparkles that are produced by the collision of different particles in the atmosphere of the Earth and the Sun. The illumination of the Northern Lights looks very attractive.

What is Northern Lights?
In high latitude areas, sometimes due to the charged particles present in the atmosphere, beautiful light is seen in the sky. When massively charged particles from the Sun’s magnetic field move rapidly out of Earth’s magnetic orbit, they react with oxygen and nitrogen to create magical worlds of red, green and purple colors. In scientific terminology, the Northern Lights are known as ‘Aurora Borealis’ and Southern Lights as ‘Aurora Australis’.


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