Watch Video: Celebration of Taliban victory in Islamabad’s madrassa, Afghan people said – ‘Pakistan will also break’


When the whole world is worried about the Taliban rule over Afghanistan, it is being celebrated in Pakistan. A madrasa in Islamabad organized a program for this. The Taliban flag was also hoisted on the roof of this madrasa. These children of the madrassa attached to the Lal Masjid in Islamabad also sang songs in praise of the Taliban.

Shared photos, videos
Photos of this event have surfaced on social media. Seeing these, people have said that innocent children should not be used like this and they should be taught the lesson of peace.

Pictures and videos from the event Pakistani journalist Rouhan Ahmed tweeted, “Children of Jamia Hafsa madrassa attached to Lal Masjid in Islamabad sing ‘Salaam Taliban’ to celebrate Taliban occupation of Afghanistan.” The common people are surprised to see these pictures, the people of Afghan origin are very disappointed.

Afghan people criticized
Afghan journalist and activist Habib Khan has reacted to this, ‘Pakistanis continue to celebrate the occupation of Afghanistan. Then the Afghans will free themselves and drive them out like the rest of the attackers. Remember Pakistan will break into pieces. Another person tweeted, ‘Pakistan denies support to Deep State Taliban but its actions speak louder than its words.’

This person has alleged that when Afghan people hoisted the flag of their country in Peshawar, there was a police report against them, but the Taliban flag is hoisted in a madrasa and nothing happens.

With the help of Lashkar and Jaish, the Pakistani army gave ‘victory’ to the Taliban in Afghanistan
Pakistan’s support to Taliban
Even before this, rallies in support of Taliban have been seen in Pakistan. According to a report by Deutsche Welle, Pakistani Maulana is also supporting the Taliban and for this they are also supporting the donation to the Taliban. According to the agency, according to local people in Quetta, activities in support of the Taliban have intensified.


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