Watch Video: ‘New’ Afghanistan is not afraid of Talibani bullets, people are raising their voice on the streets


After the capture of Taliban in Afghanistan, even though there is a lack of leadership in the country against it, the Afghan people are not ready to bow down. On the contrary, the changes that have taken place in Afghanistan in 20 years are becoming clearer. The flag of Afghanistan is being hoisted everywhere, regardless of the bullets of the Taliban terrorists, and when these brave people are fired upon, after that the public starts taking to the streets in anger.

people waving flags
Such scenes are being seen in different parts of the country where people are raising slogans against the Taliban. Be it Jalalabad or Khost or capital Kabul, these fearless people came forward to wave the flag of the country. This was not tolerated by the Taliban and its fighters made many people victims of bullets. Fearing this, instead of hiding, the people of Afghanistan have come out on the streets carrying flags in large numbers.

Women in burqa are raising slogans

Interestingly, a large number of these protesters are also women. These women wearing burqa are raising slogans on the streets wearing the country’s flag. The Taliban fighters sometimes get angry with them and sometimes try to scare them with guns, but their spirits are only increasing them. At the same time, in another video, it can be seen that some people are marching with a 200 meter Afghan flag.

The Taliban raised their white flag in public places and offices as a sign of power over the country. Even though the government may not have survived, the common people have made it the biggest protest method to replace this flag with the black, green and red flag of their country.

demonstration in afghanistan


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