What are the challenges before the Taliban after the capture of Kabul, why the delay in government formation?


Since the occupation of Afghanistan, the Taliban has been embroiled in the challenges of forming a government. For the last eight-ten days, many senior Taliban leaders have been at loggerheads with the Afghan leaders over the transfer of power. Even after the number two leader of the Taliban like Mullah Baradar reached Kabul, the situation regarding government formation has not been cleared yet. There are many challenges in front of the Taliban in Afghanistan, which this terrorist organization will have to deal with at any cost. The Taliban regime, which lasted from 1996 to 2001, was also recognized by Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates and Turkmenistan at that time.

Afghan people supported the Taliban?
Pakistani political analyst and author Sabten Ahmed Dar told Russian news agency Sputnik that this sudden rise of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan clearly shows that the Taliban did not face any resistance from the general public in all those provinces. Due to which the Taliban took control of Afghanistan.

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These 3 reasons behind the occupation of Taliban
He gave three main reasons behind the Taliban’s occupation. Dar said the incompetence of the US-established Kabul regime plundered Afghanistan’s wealth and subsequently failed to provide basic rights to the Afghan people. Second, the incompetence of the Afghan National Army, which failed to push back the Taliban, and third, the Afghan people’s concern that the country would be plunged into a new circle of civil war if they fought the insurgent group.

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Major challenges before the Taliban
The biggest challenge before the Taliban is to take all the parties together. Not only this, he will also have to divide the representation in the government between these parties. If any party does not get a fair share, then it can leave the government and take the path of rebellion. The history of Afghanistan has also been quite bloody. If the voice of protest rises from any one province of Afghanistan, then the Taliban regime in the whole country will be in danger.

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Creating an Islamic constitution
The Taliban themselves have said that they will run the entire country according to Islamic Sharia law. It also alleges that the previous Ashraf Ghani government was breaking Islamic values. This is the reason that the biggest challenge facing the Taliban at this time is being told to make the constitution. In this too, the Taliban will have to bring many groups like Pashtun, Hazara, Uzbek on one platform to maintain peace for a long time.

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The security of the Afghans has to be ensured
The Taliban must ensure the safety of Afghan citizens as soon as possible. It also includes giving those people food, home and business freedom. The situation in Afghanistan has been very bad since the Taliban took over. People are scared of facing Taliban atrocities for the second time. Most of the business establishments are closed across the country. If the Taliban is to run the government, it will have to do a lot of work on business and security.

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Responsibility for making Afghan talks a success
The responsibility of making the intra-Afghan talks a success has now also come on the Taliban. Insurgent groups in northern Afghanistan have never bowed down to the Taliban. This is the reason why Taliban still feel threatened from northern areas like Panjshir Valley, Mazar-e-Sharif. To establish a common ground between rival parties in northern Afghanistan, the Taliban will have to deal with rival factions with a new offer.

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assurance to the international community
The Taliban must assure the international community that it has already changed. The soil of Afghanistan will no longer be a safe haven for terrorist groups. Not only this, the Taliban or other terrorist organizations will not use Afghan land to launch attacks against any country. There is a long history that the Taliban have never fulfilled their promises. Therefore, this terrorist group will have to live up to the promises this time.

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Mullah Baradar and other Taliban leaders


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